Vywamus is a spiritual teacher and healer who is deeply connected to the Earth and humanity. He works on many levels with different beings and kingdoms, including the Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Angelic kingdom In his work with humanity, he focuses on helping individuals overcome their self-imposed limitations and resulting diseases, and discover the essence of their true self within.

Unlocking the doors behind which we have hidden parts of our self away, he assists in "clearing" unresolved emotions and belief patterns which hinder growth into full self-awareness. Working on all levels of human being-ness: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, he facilitates rapid change and awakening.

Vywamus is known for his ability and willingness to go directly to the heart of any problem and transform the demons and dragons which haunt the dark corners of the human psyche. His teachings are practical and apply to everyday life and problems, as well as to the "higher" concerns of the Soul and spiritual development.

Halsey Snow (acktarian)

Halsey is a healer, counselor, and channel for Vywamus and several Ascended Masters. On the soul and monadic levels he is known as Hasana Acktarian Solekat. He is an initiated MariEL energy healer and is trained in developmental psychology and counseling. Through his union with Vywamus and Pat, he is opening to anchor the energy of the "whole" masculine aspect of the divine into the human male population of the planet. Halsey is also the founder, with Pat and Vywamus, of The Vywamus Foundation - their transformational center and healing gardens in Maine, as well as Vywamus Foundation Publishing.

Patricia Marston-Snow (Eleyakeha)

Pat is a conscious channel for Vywamus and a number of other spiritual teachers. Trained by Ascended Master Djwhal Khul and Janet McClure as a Vywamus channel at the time of his(Vywamus) appearance on the planet in 1985, Pat has channeled Vywamus extensively, focusing on areas of denial within all levels of the Self. In co-creation with Vywamus, Pat has helped to develop specific gap-closing work in the emotional body to support the rebirth and reawakening of the Goddess/Spirit within humanity. Pat is internationally known and respected for the depth, clarity, and compassion of her channeling.


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